September 6, 2016


At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, and Perkins were in attendance, Berger absent

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Dave and Cindy Heywood, Sherry Perkins, Brandon Foster, Kevin Aistrope and Calvin Vanatta were in attendance.

The Council then proceed with regular business.

Perkins motioned to accept the agenda, Moreland second. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s special minutes with corrections of name spelling, Perkins second. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Marshall second. Motion Carried.

A review of the August bills was made.

August 2016

283 8/16/2016 IOWA PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM 08.16.16 $171.51

284 8/2/2016 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 6110698 $108.01


14136 8/1/2016 AL MARSHALL walmart cable ties,batteries,rov alk $35.03

d2/orscheln steel handle 60" tip

14137 8/1/2016 Lora Dankof office supplies $5.85

14139 8/2/2016 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $875.43

14140 8/2/2016 TERESA ELLIOTT Clean Firestation 7/22/16-City Hall 7/30/16 $30.00

14141 8/2/2016 ROSS GREEN Mowing-August $600.00

14142 8/3/2016 MC KAY INSURANCE AGENCY, INC Ragbrai/liquor liab$500.-brokerage fee$75. $575.00

14143 8/9/2016 FREMONT COUNTY AUDITOR Bell property $324.00

14144 8/10/2016 FARRAGUT DIESEL repairs fire depart/truck 841 $366.74

14145 8/10/2016 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS repairs fire depart/truck 841 $100.15

14146 8/10/2016 MID AMERICAN ENERGY $1,000.10

14147 8/10/2016 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS Ambulance repairs/choke inv097333 $101.37

14148 8/10/2016 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 7.1.16-7.31.16 including Ragbrai $422.00

14149 8/10/2016 NEW ERA TAX & ACCOUNTING INV 2016-0731 QTRLY $100.00

14150 8/10/2016 DON'S JOHN & SEPTIC inv.27648 $70.00

14151 8/10/2016 OPINION TRIBUNE INV 201607/ragbrai $325.00

14152 8/10/2016 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-16-08-3 $289.83

14153 8/10/2016 SOUTHWEST IOWA PLANNING COUNCIL Duesinv 1607-35 $109.00

14154 8/10/2016 IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATRUAL RESORCES 8.30.16 fees $210.00

14155 8/10/2016 WALLINPLUMBING AND HEATING inv0020162762 library $580.60

14156 8/10/2016 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF July, 2016 $243.00

14157 8/10/2016 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF June, 2016 $243.00

14158 8/16/2016 FOSTER FROZEN WATER INC. Ragbrai/ice $180.00

14159 8/16/2016 U S POSTOFFICE certified letter/F Lucas $6.00

14161 8/16/2016 HENNEMAN AUTO & TRUCK PARTS 2 flagspow/mia $42.92

14162 8/17/2016 RANDOLPH LIBRARY quarterly payment add back the 150.00 $150.00

14163 8/17/2016 Methodist Church Ragbrai $2,093.00

14164 8/17/2016 RANDOLPH LIBRARY Ragbrai $800.00

14165 8/17/2016 Betterment Club Ragbrai $800.00

14166 8/17/2016 HomeTown Pride Ragbrai $800.00

14167 8/17/2016 Percival Home Town Pride Ragbrai $400.00

14168 8/18/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20160817-1 $64.99

14169 8/18/2016 MALCOM ELECTRIC inv#12233 Well control work $143.36

14170 8/18/2016 People Service Inc. inv 0027215 $1,223.60

14171 8/18/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS 2470-20160817-1 monthly bill/service call $95.99

14172 8/18/2016 Jo Driskell Ragbrai/use of electricity $15.00

14173 8/22/2016 TERESA ELLIOTT Clean Firestation 8/19/16 $25.00

14174 8/23/2016 Teresa Hardy Reimburse/YoHo Tools purchased(Park) $189.70

14175 8/24/2016 U S POSTOFFICE certified letter/M.McConahay $6.00

14176 8/25/2016 KRIEGLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT paper/hp toner/ink roller/file folders $127.57

Totals for August 2016: $14,054.24

Perkins motioned to accept the bills as presented, Hardy second. Motion Carried.

Marshall motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Hardy second. Motion Carried.

Farwell started with visitors that received a letter asking them to attend this meeting to discuss the abatements. There were pictures showing what needed to be done and the following agreed to have the problem areas cleaned up. The Heywood’s have been making great progress and plan to continue, Vanatta agreed to have his completed by September 13th, Foster stated that he had already been weed eating and spraying weeds and getting rid of/or putting things away and agreed to be completed by September 13th. Fritz was not present but has been making progress on his property. Next was the review of owners that were sent certified letters this week, Frank Lucas and Joe Grabow regarding the concerns of their property clean up needing immediate attention.

Ragbrai is still pending until we get all the figures together, there are still bills pending but should be finished this week.

Mayor Farwell stated that the City attorney Vicki Danley asked that the council discuss authorizing her to proceed to prepare and serve notice of the right to redeem the Bell property. Marshall motioned to have Vicki move forward on this property and Moreland second, Motion Carried.

Farwell brought to the attention of the council that the Maintenance building needs a new pump put on the fuel barrel, Hardy said he thought he had one and would look otherwise a new one will be purchased.

Plans are to get the sidewalk done at the park this month.

The Library should be getting a new roof sometime in September.

There were no bids present at this meeting so the sale of the property at 203 S Washington will be scheduled for the October Council meeting another notice will be placed at the Post office, City Hall, Bank, and Library.

After proper motion by Perkins and second by Moreland, then the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm.

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