November 1, 2016



At 6:30PM, Mayor Farwell opened the public hearing.

Council present: Marshall, Berger, Perkins. Absent Hardy, Moreland Also, present: Viki Danley, Kevin Aistrope

1) A resolution 194.16 approving a Proposal for the sale of certain property owned by the city of Randolph, IA, after public hearing.

Motion made by, Marshall, seconded by Perkins. Motion Carried.

The public meeting was closed at 7:00PM


Council present: Marshall, Berger, Perkins. Absent Hardy, Moreland

Visitors: Viki Danley, Kevin Aistrope, Megan Foster and Teresa Hardy

Berger motioned to accept the agenda, Perkins second. Motion Carried.

Farwell gave the floor to Megan Foster to discuss abatement notice.

At 7:15PM Opening of the sealed bids on the 1983 truck, there were nine sealed bids open and the Council accepted the highest bid on $6000.00 were a motion was made by, Marshall, seconded by Berger. Motion carried.

RESOLUTION 195-16 accepting sealed bid for the sale of certain property owned by the City of Randolph, IA pursuant to proposal for sale and public hearing,

There was one sealed bid on the property being sold, for $300.

Motion was made by Berger to accept, seconded by Marshall. Motion Carried.

The Council then proceed with regular business.

Berger motioned to accept last month’s special minutes, Perkins second. Motion Carried.

Marshall motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Berger second. Motion Carried.

Berger motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Perkins second. Motion Carried.

A review of the October bills was made.

291 10/6/2016 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 6110698 3rd quart $588.00

292 10/17/2016 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 3Q2016 941 PAYMENT $1,059.37

293 10/18/2016 IPERs $153.56

14211 10/4/2016 TERESA ELLIOTT CleanCity hall $15.00

14212 10/5/2016 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $792.24

14213 10/5/2016 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $174.07

14214 10/5/2016 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-16-10-3 $289.83

14215 10/6/2016 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF October2016 $243.00

14216 10/9/2016 COREY GLASSINGER final payment on city hall bathroom repair $150.00

14217 10/12/2016 HEARTLAND CO-OP Ticket07557 ; Tractor Diesel; 242.0 GAL $460.91

14218 10/12/2016 MALCOM ELECTRIC outside light fire station $101.50

14219 10/12/2016 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 9/1/16 - 9/30/16 $42.00

14220 10/14/2016 ACCO INC. Liquid Chlorine/Water- INV 0167299-IN $131.25

14221 10/27/2016 R & R CONCRETE CONTRACTOR, INC. Sidewalks for the Park $4,598.63

14222 10/27/2016 DON'S JOHN & SEPTIC INVf 28070 $75.50

14223 10/27/2016 People Service Inc. inv 0027547 $1,429.20

14224 10/27/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20161017-1 $64.99

14225 10/27/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS 2470-20160916-1 monthly bill/service call $65.98

14226 10/27/2016 MILLER BUILDING SUPPLY CO. City Hall/ Ready mix $15.99

14227 10/27/2016 MID AMERICAN ENERGY COMPANY 21781-02003 $755.17

10004 10/3/2016 Sam's club printer ink epson $68.46

Totals: 11,274.65


Berger motioned to accept the bills as presented, Marshall second. Motion Carried.

Farwell mentioned that Kay Estes had sent a donation of $100 to be used where City needed and Dankof had a Thank you note for everyone to sign.

Teresa Hardy was then given the floor. Teresa was asking about applying for grant money for the park and if it was approved if the City would match it. Council asked if she had any idea on a figure, Teresa stated she thought possible $2000 to $3000.
Council told her that they would be willing to discuss this further when more information is available.

After proper motion by Perkins and second by Marshall, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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