June 7, 2016



June 7, 2016


At 6:45PM, Mayor Farwell opened the public hearing to the public to hear any questions/concerns regarding the amended 2015/16 budget. Any visitors that were in the room at this time stated they were in attendance for the general session and not the public hearing. The public hearing was closed at 7:00PM with no concerns presented.

At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, Perkins and Berger were in attendance.

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Pat and Roseanne Hute, Teresa Hardy, Sherry Perkins and Mike Lesher with PeopleService Also in attendance were Jamie Behrens and Kayla Clark of who were representing the Fremont County Public Health Department.. Hute brought to the Council a concern he was having over a fence and adjoining neighbor. The Council determined they would need to look into the concern further.

The floor was then turned over to Jamie and Kayla who discussed fluoride being added to the water in Randolph. Lesher took a sample of the water and found that levels were currently good. The cost to add fluoride would be an upfront cost of approximately $1000 which there is grant money available for. The annual cost to the City would be $400/year for the fluoride. The Council determined we would need to get in touch with SWIPCO to determine what equipment was needed and then get their assistance in applying for a grant.

Lesher then presented his water operation and maintenance report.

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Marshall motioned to accept the agenda, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Perkins seconded. Motion Carried.

Berger motioned to accept the bills as presented, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Perkins motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

Next came the review of owners that received courtesy letters in regard to their properties. All but one owner has taken steps to clean up their property. Most are making progress and two have satisfied the request. Thank you letters will be sent to those who have completed their work.

RAGBRAI plans are continuing. It was acknowledged during the pre-ride on June 4 that it is expected Randolph should do very well financially with what is being planned. The game theme was really well received. The RAGBRAI team also offered a few suggestions to further our success.

French reported that an RFP went out to three CPAs to get quotes for doing a financial exam of the City’s books. The bids are to be back on June 15.

The sale of the property at 203 S Washington is being scheduled for next month.

Mowing rates for the City tractor has in the past been $50. The Council determined this is a fair rate and would not change.

The first order of new business was to approval Resolution #190-16 which approved the 2015/16 FY Budget Amendment #2. Hardy made a motion to approve the budget, Marshall seconded. Motion carried – 5 ayes.

Next Resolution #191-16: approving the revised 28E agreement for mutual and fire and emergency services response in and surrounding Mills County, Iowa. Perkins made a motion to pass Resolution #191-16, Marshall seconded. Motion carried – 5 ayes.

French advised we were now in a position to recodify the ordinances. The cost to have SWIPCO do the recodification is $2500. The Council would like to do this after the start of the new fiscal year.

Mayor Farwell advised the Council of the resignation of French as City Clerk. There were two applicants for the position and resumes were presented on both. The Council was advised to write the candidates name on paper and there were four votes for Laura Dankof. One Council member abstained.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: (Public Safety, Park, Landfill, Streets & Alleys, Water & Sewer, Library, Fire & Rescue)

1) Leaky stool in Library – Berger said he would fix

PROJECT LIST - 2016/2017

Fire Station Aprons

War Memorial Shelter Reinforcement

Garage Roof

After proper motion and second, the meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

__________________________________ ___________________________________

Gary Farwell, Mayor Lora Dankof, City Clerk

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