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61.01 TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICES. The Council shall establish by resolution, and cause to be placed and maintained, appropriate traffic control devices to indicate parking spaces and zones, no parking zones, limited parking zones, reserved parking zones, loading zones, safety zones, school zones, hospital zones, quiet zones, traffic zones other than the above, truck routes, school stops, stop intersections, yield right-of-way intersections, one-way streets, streets to be laned for traffic and play streets. The Council shall also have the power to designate and indicate by resolution intersections at which traffic shall be controlled by traffic signals; intersections at which left turns, right turns and U-turns shall be prohibited; and intersections at which markers, buttons or other indications shall be placed to indicate the course to be traveled by vehicles traversing or turning at such intersections.

61.02 INSTALLATION. The Council shall cause to be placed and maintained traffic control devices to carry out the provisions of the Traffic Code of the City under State law or to regulate, guide or warn traffic. The City shall keep a record of all such traffic control devices.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.254 & 321.255)

61.03 COMPLIANCE. No driver of a vehicle shall disobey the instructions of any official traffic control device placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, unless at the time otherwise directed by a peace officer, subject to the exceptions granted the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle under Section 321.231 of the Code of Iowa.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.256)

61.04 CROSSWALKS. The Council is hereby authorized to designate and maintain crosswalks by appropriate traffic control devices at intersections where, due to traffic conditions, there is particular danger to pedestrians crossing the street or road-way, and at such other places as traffic conditions require.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4] & 321.255)

61.05 TRAFFIC LANES. Where traffic lanes have been marked on street pavements at such places as traffic conditions require, it shall be unlawful for the operator of any vehicle to fail or refuse to keep such vehicle within the boundaries of any such lane except when lawfully passing another vehicle or preparatory to making a lawful turning movement.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4] & 321.255)

61.06 NECESSITY OF SIGNS. No provision of this Traffic Code for which signs are required shall be enforced against an alleged violator if, at the time and place of the alleged violation, an official sign is not in a viewable position and sufficiently legible to an ordinarily observant person.

61.07 STANDARDS. Traffic control devices shall comply with standards established by The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways.
(Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.255)

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