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57.01 PURPOSE. It is the purpose of this chapter to establish rules and regulations controlling the population of dogs in the City and controlling the process of raising dogs in the City to provide for the safety, welfare, and enjoyment of property of the citizens of the City. Dog kennels, commercial kennels, boarding kennels and pet shops, as they are defined in this chapter, are prohibited in the City.

1. “Boarding kennel” means a place or establishment other that a pound or animal shelter where dogs or cats not owned by the proprietor are sheltered, fed and watered in return for a consideration.
2. “Commercial breeder” means a person engaged in the business of breeding dogs or cats, and who sells, exchanges, or leases dogs or cats in return for consideration, or who offers to do so, whether or not the animals are raised, trained, groomed, or boarded by the person. A person who owns or harbors three or fewer breeding males or females is not a commercial breeder.
3. “Commercial kennel” means a kennel which performs grooming, boarding, or training services for dogs or cats in return for a consideration.
4. “Dealer” means any person who is engaged in the business of buying or resale or selling or exchanging dogs or cats, or both, as a principal or agent, or who claims to be so engaged.
5. “Housing facilities” means any room, building or area used to contain a primary enclosure.
6. “Pet shop” means an establishment where any dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, nonhuman primate, fish other than live bait, bird, or other vertebrate animal may be bought, sold, exchanged or offered for sale.
7. “Primary enclosure” means any structure used to immediately restrict an animal to a limited amount of space, such as a room or pen, cage or compartment.

57.03 NUMBER OF DOGS LIMITED. It is unlawful for any person or organization or other entity to shelter, raise, harbor or otherwise locate four (4) or more dogs for personal, commercial, breeding or other purposes in the City. This restriction applies to and includes pet shops, boarding kennels, commercial kennels, commercial breeders and dealers. This restriction also includes private individuals who have domestic dogs about their homes. However, a person not operating a commercial kennel, boarding kennel, pet shop and who is not a dealer shall not own or harbor more than three (3) dogs over twelve (12) months of age at any one time or keep more than ten (10) dogs under two (2) months of age at any one time or for more than fifty (50) days in any year.

57.04 CESSATION OF PRE-EXISTING USE. Any kennel, pet shop or other use of dogs in existence at the date of adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter† shall become illegal and in violation of this Code of Ordinances if such use ceases for thirty (30) consecutive days.

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