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36.01 ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE. A volunteer rescue unit is hereby established to provide emergency ambulance or rescue services.

36.02 GOVERNING BOARD. In accordance with the agreement between the City and the Trustees of Riverside Township, Fremont County, Iowa, a Governing Board is hereby established to have jurisdiction over the operation and maintenance of the ambulance(s) and rescue equipment. The Governing Board shall be the same as that established to govern the volunteer fire department by this municipal code, consisting of four (4) persons, two (2) appointed by the Township Trustees. Such Governing Board shall elect its own Chairperson, who shall not only preside over meetings but also serve as a member of the Governing Board and vote regularly on matters before it. The City shall provide licensure and housing for the ambulance vehicles and equipment. The Governing Board shall approve other expenses of operation, repairs to equipment and the purchase of small equipment, and establish the general policy of the Rescue Unit. However, any expenditures in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00) for repairs or purchases shall first be submitted to approval by both the Council and the Township Trustees.

36.03 BYLAWS. The Rescue Unit membership shall adopt such bylaws as it deems appropriate to accomplish its goals. Such bylaws and any amendments thereto must be approved by the Governing Board.

36.04 TRAINING. All members of the Rescue Unit shall attend and actively participate in regular or special training drills or programs as required by the Rescue Unit Director.

36.05 RESCUE UNIT DIRECTOR. The Rescue Unit Director shall be elected by the members of the Rescue Unit and approved by the Governing Board, as set forth in the Bylaws.

36.06 DIRECTOR’S DUTIES. The Rescue Unit Director’s duties shall be in strict accordance with the Bylaws of the Rescue Unit. The Director shall be responsible for day-to-day operations of the Rescue Unit and shall adhere to duties prescribed by the Code of Iowa and Iowa Department of Public Health.

36.07 VOLUNTEERS. Any citizen of the City or of Riverside Township who is of sound mind and body, at least twenty-one (21) years of age and in good repute in the community shall be eligible for election to membership.

36.08 MEMBERS’ DUTIES. The duties of a Rescue Unit member shall be in strict accordance with the Bylaws of the Rescue Unit.

36.09 WORKER’S COMPENSATION AND HOSPITALIZATION INSURANCE. The Council shall contract to insure the City against liability for worker’s compensation and against liability as set forth in Iowa statutes for the costs of hospitalization and medical care for volunteer Rescue Unit members injured in the course of their duties as rescuers. All volunteer Rescue Unit members shall be covered by the contract.

36.10 LIABILITY INSURANCE. The Council, in conjunction with the Trustees of Riverside Township, shall contract to insure against liability of the City or of members of the Rescue Unit for injuries, death or property damage arising out of and resulting from the performance of Rescue Unit duties.

36.11 RESCUES OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS AND RIVERSIDE TOWNSHIP. The Rescue Unit shall answer calls to emergencies outside the City limits or outside Riverside Township if the Rescue Unit or Governing Board has made mutual aid agreements with other communities in accordance with the Bylaws, and if the Rescue Unit Director determines such emergency exists and that such action will not endanger persons or property within the City limits or within Riverside Township.
(Ch. 36 – Ord. 503-02 – Jan. 03 Supp.)

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