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30.01 ESTABLISHMENT OF SERVICES BY 28E AGREEMENT. The Council has established law enforcement services agreement to provide for the preservation of peace and enforcement of law and ordinances within the corporate limits of the City by participating in a 28E Agreement with the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department.

30.02 COPY OF AGREEMENT. A copy of the 28E Agreement is on file with the Secretary of State, State of Iowa and has been recorded by the Fremont County Recorder, Fremont County, Iowa. In addition, a copy of the agreement is on file in the City Clerk’s office.

30.03 CHARGES AND FEES. A monthly fee for the 28E Agreement (Sheriff Fee) in the amount of $3.00 shall be collected from each customer. Such fee is due and payable under the same terms and conditions provided for payment of a combined service account as contained in Section 92.04 of this Code of Ordinances.

1) If a resident temporarily vacates a house for a period up to six months, they will continue to be billed the monthly rate ($3.00) for the 28E agreement.

(Code of Iowa, 28E.30)

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