August 2, 2016



August 2, 2016


At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Berger, Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, and Perkins were in attendance.

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Teresa Hardy, Sherry Perkins, Trevor Perkins and Jenny Hill were in attendance.

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Hardy motioned to accept the agenda, Marshall second. Motion Carried.

Berger brought attention to a bill to Glenwood feed and seed that he had written a personal check to pay for this. Dankof will make the calls to get a refund on this bill that was also paid by the City.

Berger motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Marshall second. Motion Carried.

Perkins motioned to accept the bills as presented, Berger second. Motion Carried.


July 2016

278 7/6/2016 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 6110698 $562.00


282 7/15/2016 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 2Q2016 941 PAYMENT $1,553.02

11051 7/13/2016 Debit Card Account Transfer To Debit Card Account, Ragbrai $300.00


14095 7/1/2016 MOORE'S MOWING Mowing-raking-seeding $100.00

14096 7/5/2016 ENTIRE RECYCLING, INC. inv 15471 $230.40

14097 7/4/2016 Dale Rasmussen taking old tires for recycling $150.00

14099 7/6/2016 ROSS GREEN Mowing-July $600.00

14100 7/6/2016 AAA SEWER & DRAIN CLEANING INV. 5122 $1,325.00

14101 7/7/2016 MENARDS inv. 71835 $164.80

14102 7/7/2016 MID AMERICAN ENERGY $925.56

14103 7/7/2016 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 6/1/16 - 6/30/16 $42.00


14105 7/13/2016 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS Fire dept truck/city tractor #71416 $28.05

14106 7/13/2016 ACCO INC. Liquid Chlorine/Water- INV 0164263-IN $131.25

14107 7/13/2016 JENSEN WELL CO. INC. inv.42456 $474.50

14108 7/13/2016 IOWA ONE CALL inv 182641 $9.90

14109 7/13/2016 MENARDS inv.72722 $32.96

14110 7/13/2016 U S POSTOFFICE Postage $188.00

14111 7/14/2016 WARREN'S JEWELRY Ragbrai T-Shirts $88.28

14113 7/14/2016 Dave Earlywine reimbursment flags $159.95

14115 7/19/2016 R & R CONCRETE CONTRACTOR, INC. concrete pads (Firestation) $4,500.00

14116 7/16/2016 RANDOLPH LIBRARY quarterly payment less 150. summer $2,600.00

reading prog

14116 7/19/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20160317-1 $64.99

14117 7/19/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS 2470-20160616-1 $30.99

14118 7/19/2016 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-16-30-6 $289.83

14119 7/19/2016 IOWA PUMP WORKS INV.9299 $208.77

14120 7/19/2016 People Service Inc. inv 0027055 $1,207.91

14121 7/20/2016 HY-VEE FOOD STORES Ragbrai community stand $3,499.79

14122 7/21/2016 KYLE CHAMBERS CUTTING TREE DOWN $200.00


14124 7/21/2016 WARREN'S JEWELRY Ragbrai t-shirt orders $614.72

14125 7/21/2016 DOLL DISTRIBUTING ragbrai beer $4,611.95

14126 7/23/2016 HY-VEE FOOD STORES Ragbrai community stand delivery fees $30.00

14127 7/23/2016 RANDOLPH STATE BANK Cash for Ragbrai $17,000.00

14128 7/23/2016 BRYAN HILL ENTERTAINMENT INC. Ragbrai twister inflatable game $463.00


14129 7/24/2016 BILL WHITT DJ AT RAGBRAI $225.00

14130 7/25/2016 G & T SERVICES 19-sperial eent untis/2 handwash $780.00


14131 7/25/2016 FOSTER FROZEN WATER INC. ice/ragbrai $142.50

14133 7/27/2016 HARDY SALES Ragbrai pizza for volunteers $145.41

14134 7/27/2016 RANDOLPH STATE BANK community starter money/trail of treasures $210.00

14135 7/27/2016 MOORE'S PORTABLES ragbrai/ sanitation $1,270.00

2 7/14/2016 WEBSTAURANT STORE ragbrai trash containers/bags $293.51

3 7/22/2016 Walmart office supplies $82.06

4 7/23/2016 HY-VEE FOOD STORES water/ragbrai $12.50

5 7/23/2016 Orscheln Farm & Farm LLC clip wire rope 5/8/ragbrai $11.51

Hardy motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

The floor was then turned over to Teresa Hardy to present information on the upcoming Fun Day events and the estimated budget and expenses, will continue to work on figures for license/insurance/beer purchase for the beer garden then will be getting back with the council with the decision. Al Marshall will be the Grand Marshall for the parade and have several entries. Sheriff Department will be involved for parade route. Several towns have been invited to bring their Fire Trucks along with businesses. Teresa sent out letters to the surrounding schools in May to have the bands come.

Ragbrai is pending until we get all the figures together, there are still bills pending. Some of the gator-aide is going to be taken back to Hy- Vee.

Next came the review of owners that received courtesy letters in regard to their properties. Most are making progress some have been released, more vehicles have been brought into few properties and it was agreed to send out two letters regarding their property.

The bids presented to move the bathroom wall at City Hall is put on hold, the Council has decided not to spend the money at this time and look at it again this winter.

Mayor Farwell asked for approval to pursue the Bell property by sending this request to the Board of Supervisors in the form of a letter by e-mail, Motion was made by Marshall, Moreland second. Motion carried.

The Contract for Law Enforcement Services were discussed and decided to find out more information from Kevin Aistrope before resigning.

The agreement with Peoples Service was looked over and agreed upon. Hardy motioned to approve the contract, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

Street concerns Berger brought a letter from Mid American where they will be coming to town to trim trees away from the wires. Berger had a concern with a tree by the Cemetery approach. Al will be looking into that and was asked to check the street tree clearance for the school buses.

Mayor Farwell discussed that the Library money that was to be donated for the Summer Reading Program had been deducted from the $5000.00 payment that was made to the Library and Farwell asked the council if this was supposed to be done this way. The council’s response was no this was to be paid to the Library as a donation to the program and to make a check out for $150.00 to the Library.

Fire and Rescue: Someone had used packing tape on the walls and when putting streamers up they have not been taking the tape off the ceiling. Dankof was asked to let Kim Malcom know that when anyone rents the Community building that they cannot use any tape on the walls or ceiling.

Recycle Bins: are to be looked into the expense and report back and where it would be placed.

Hardy presented to the council that for the use of the refrigerated truck and trailer of Heath Focht that was used to keep food/beverage in for a week during and after Ragbrai should be paid $500.00. Marshall motioned to accept a check to Heath Focht, Moreland second. Motion Carried.

Also was agreed to present a check to Jo Driskell for $15.00 for the vendor using her electricity.

Hardy advised that after talking with Lisa at New Era who recommends there needs to be a partial audit done. After discussion Perkins motioned to have an audit done, Moreland second. Motion Carried.

Hardy brought up to the council that the money that the city made from Ragbrai needs to go into a savings account and it would be decided at a later date what the money would be used for such as matching grants.

Perkins motioned in agreement, Berger second. Motion Carried.

A proposal by Marshall was made for the sale of the property at 203 S Washington to be scheduled for next month a notice is to be placed in the paper at the Post office, City Hall, Bank, and Library, Moreland second, Motion Carried.

After proper motion and second, the meeting was adjourned at 8:29 pm.

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