December 6, 2016


At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, Berger and Perkins were in attendance.

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Mike Crecelius and Vicki Danley

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Hardy motioned to accept the agenda, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Perkins seconded. Motion Carried.

Berger motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept the bills as presented, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

297 11/1/2016 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 6110698 $92.99

298 11/16/2016 IPERs Ipers payroll $221.93

14228 11/1/2016 RANDOLPH LIBRARY quarterly payment $2,750.00

14229 11/2/2016 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $1,105.39

14230 11/2/2016 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $145.00

14231 11/2/2016 NEW ERA TAX & ACCOUNTING INV 2016-0731 QTRLY $100.00

14232 11/2/2016 KRIEGLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT inv 32197 $79.99

14233 11/2/2016 James Pontow 1/2 20ft tube 1 load dirt/1/2 steel tube $150.00

14234 11/2/2016 RANDELL FOSTER Paint city hall bathroom $90.00

14235 11/2/2016 MILLER BUILDING SUPPLY CO. City Hall/paint,pull chain,pine,sign $102.10

14236 11/2/2016 TERESA ELLIOTT CleanCity hall $5.00

14237 11/5/2016 JOHN PITZER SALES tractor blade inv 61368 $960.34

14238 11/5/2016 MOORE'S MOWING Mowing $165.00

14239 11/5/2016 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF Noemberr2016 $243.00

14240 11/5/2016 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 10/1/16 -10/31/16 $42.00

14241 11/5/2016 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-16-11-3 $289.83

10005 11/2/2016 WAL-MART OFFICE SUPPLIES/VACCUM $65.49

Farwell turned over to Vicki Danley who presented Sale of the property-lots approving the deed as executed, resolution 196-16 Marshall made a motion to accept the resolution, Moreland seconded. Motion carried.

Vicki asked, Farwell to sign the deed for the sale of the lot and she will notarize it,

Farwell signed the hazard statement that there are no wells on the property it is an empty lot.

Resolution 197-16 state law requires authorizing officers to sign notice of expiration of right to redeem—tax sale property and to deal with the county treasurer on tax sale matters. Moreland made a motion to accept the resolution, Perkins seconded. Motion carried.

Abatements will be discussed at the next meeting.

Farwell gave the floor to Mike Crecelius who presented information regarding NFIP, Mike brought the papers to be filled out and explained the importance of filing so that persons in Randolph would be eligible to purchase flood insurance if so desired. Marshall will be working on filling this out.

Farwell asked the council their thoughts on what to charge for driveway tubes being put in. After discussing it was agreed that if a new one is put in the cost would be split in ½ between the homeowner and the city. If an existing one needs to be replaced the city would be responsible for the cost.

Gary Vanatta donated $600 to purchase fencing for the park. Hardy said there was some left over and asked if it should be taken back or keep it to put up more fence. Council agreed to keep it at the Boars Nest and look into putting more fence in at the park at later date.

After proper motion by Berger and second by Marshall, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

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