August 15, 2017


At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Council members present: Hardy, Marshall, Berger, Earlywine

Council Member absent: Moreland

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Linda Heywood, Ross Green, Irene Green , Teresa Hardy, Vicki Danley(city attorney), Nick Buse, Lenny Larson, Larry Demanett, Gladys Demanett, Randy Trively

Mayor Farwell asked for a motion to accept the agenda.

Berger motioned to accept the agenda, Earlywine seconded. Motion Carried.

Mayor Farwell asked for a motion to accept last month’s minutes.

Earlywine motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried.

Mayor Farwell asked for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.

Berger motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

Mayor Farwell asked for a motion to accept the bills for city and Library.

Hardy motioned to accept the bills as presented, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.



City of Randolph

For the Period From 7/1/2017 To 7/31/2017

341 7/12/2017 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct #7193004187 2nd quarter $351.00

343 7/17/2017 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Q2/2017 941 PAYMENT $1,708.66

344 7/18/2017 IPERs 170715 36302 $330.81

14471 7/1/2017 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $1,208.07

14472 7/1/2017 Berger, Michael R. Payroll Check $92.35

14473 7/1/2017 EARLYWINE, DAVID D Payroll Check $73.88

14474 7/1/2017 Hardy, Brian H Payroll Check $166.23

14475 7/1/2017 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $110.82

14476 7/1/2017 Moreland, Dustin Payroll Check $73.88

14477 7/1/2017 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $209.40

14478 7/6/2017 Lora Dankof office supplies(walmart) $5.39


14480 7/11/2017 DON'S JOHN & SEPTIC inv 30557 $80.00

14482 7/11/2017 Heywood, Linda Payroll Check $177.06

14483 7/11/2017 IOWA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Payroll deduction liability payment $72.50

14485 7/11/2017 IOWA DEPARTMENT OF NATRUAL RESORCES annual water fee FY2018 $25.00

14486 7/11/2017 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF July 2017 $255.00

14487 7/11/2017 KRIEGLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT inv 34523/34505 $81.90

14488 7/11/2017 McCONKEY PAINTING & RENTAL inv 45 painting firestation $5,034.00

14489 7/11/2017 NISHNA INSURANCE AGENCY inv 000778 fire dept add/equip/picnic $276.00

tables, bleachers

14491 7/11/2017 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 6/01/17 -6/30/17 $42.00

14492 7/11/2017 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-17-7-3 $289.83

14494 7/12/2017 FARWELL, GARY Payroll Check $369.40

14497 7/18/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.2470-20170717-1 $30.99

14498 7/18/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20170717-1 $64.99

14499 7/18/2017 People Service Inc. inv. 0029122 $950.57

14500 7/18/2017 MOORE'S MOWING June mowing $700.00

14501 7/18/2017 IOWA ONE CALL inv 192912 $5.40

14505 7/20/2017 Heywood, Linda Payroll Check $177.05

10018 7/31/2017 IOWA LEAGUE OF CITIES webinar/annual budget class $35.00

14508 7/25/2017 KYLE DANKOF Cut pipe off G & Depot st $25.00

21 7/13/2017 TICKET PRINTING Fun Day Raffle tickets $65.98

25 7/20/2017 WAL MART Markers/punch/pens $7.12

Totals for July 2017: _______$13,095.28____


Check # Date Payee Memo Amount

14509 7/25/2017 DUNSDON CONSTRUCTION INC. 12 loads dirt for ballfield $900.00

14479 7/11/2017 B & D DIAMOND PRO, INC 10 ton diamond pro (ballfield) $1,750.00

14481 7/11/2017 FARM SUPPLY DEPOT inv 267533 pull rope ballfield $10.00

14490 7/11/2017 MILLER BUILDING SUPPLY CO. ballfield inv $1,281.54


14502 7/18/2017 HOWARD CLOTHING & SPORTING GOODS, INC inv 010787/Tabor Optimists/Randolph $56.95


Totals for July 2017: ____$3,998.49

26 7/26/2017 ORIENTAL TRADING library(Fundays)#684861012 $40.46

27 7/26/2017 GOOD TIME ATTRACTIONS library(Fundays)order#QA-C2FF-0 $204.29

28 7/26/2017 GEDDES SCHOOL SUPPLIES library(Fundays)order#322278-001 $49.71

14507 7/25/2017 U S POSTOFFICE library postage to return books to state $5.00

14484 7/11/2017 U S POSTOFFICE library postage to return books to state $23.76

14493 7/11/2017 WALMART COMMUNITY/RFCSLLC acct#6006/ Library $131.50

14495 7/18/2017 STATE LIBRARY OF IOWA library subscription base fee/inv 18-192313 $35.08

14496 7/18/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.5310-20170717-1 $93.96

14503 7/19/2017 U S POSTOFFICE library stamps $9.80

14504 7/19/2017 MID AMERICAN ENERGY 3683-31020 Library $92.03

14506 7/20/2017 IOWA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Payroll deduction liability payment Y- $72.50


Totals for July 2017:_____$758.09______

Totals expenses July 2017:____$17,851.86______



Date Memo Amount City

7/5/2017 Randy & Carole Trively (water deposit) $50.00

7/5/2017 Water payments $1,124.41

7/6/2017 water payments $220.83

7/10/2017 Fremont co.Treasurer/prop tax $488.68

7/11/2017 water payments $647.17

7/12/2017 water payments $49.79

7/13/2017 water payment $65.00

7/18/2017 ach water payments $1,092.06

7/18/2017 refund on overcharged shipping (Demco) $73.18

7/18/2017 State of IA/RUT $1,713.62

7/18/2017 water payments $983.07

7/19/2017 riverside twn inv. 55995 $55.84

7/19/2017 water payments $188.44

7/20/2017 M & R Farms paid inv.56357 $120.00

7/20/2017 water payments $135.00

7/25/2017 Fremont Co2nd road/city apportion/st construction $462.95

7/25/2017 FunDay(used City debit card to purchase raffel tickets) $65.98

7/25/2017 water payments $167.11

7/26/2017 water payments $130.00

7/27/2017 water payments $200.00

7/28/2017 State of Iowa/local option tax $390.26

TOTAL: $8,423.39


7/12/2017 Green twnship library donation $400.00

TOTAL: $400.00


7/13/2017 Ballfield donation/Brad Davis&City of Thurman $600.00

7/18/2017 donation ballfield/Gary Vanatta $300.00

7/27/2017 donation ballfield/Terry & Daine Zwirn $200.00

7/20/2017 Donation ballfield/Sue Bragg $40.00

TOTAL: $1,140.00





Engineer’s Nick Buse and Lenny Larson from Civil Engineering Group visited with the council on reconstruction of Depot Street and core test results showing the council engineer’s opinion of probable cost on doing 2 blocks or 3 blocks. Lenny will be getting in touch with the city attorney, Vicki Danley to help with looking into funding for the project. The City attorney will contact the council and set up a meeting to discuss the findings.

City attorney, Vicki Danley discussed her findings in the street between the Ross’s and Reaflengs property, Vicki’s findings were that it was vacated but the city still owns the property if further action is needed by the property owners it was advised by the City Attorney, Vicki Danley that the property owners seek their own legal counsel.

City Attorney, Vicki Danley presented for motion the approval of change for the library board from 3 persons to 5 persons vote to read as the following:

WHEREAS, the City of Randolph Public Library Board of Trustees and the City Council of the City of Randolph now desire to increase the number of Trustees from three to five, and that four of the five be residents of the City appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the Council, and one non-resident member from rural Riverside Township or Green Township appointed by the Mayor with approval of the township trustees of the non-resident member’s township and Fremont County Board of Supervisors.

Marshall made a motion to approve the change in the library board for the vote on the upcoming ballot, Hardy seconded, motion carried. Vicki will take the document to the auditor office to be put on the November ballot.

Discussion about booking fuel with Heartland for the winter. Heartland has a price of $1.20 prepay contract. Hardy said that Sapp Brother’s prepay is $1.15, council discussed and asked Dankof to see if Heartland would give the city the $1.15 and if they will not they would go with Sapp Brother’s.

Recodification will be done by special meeting and inviting Alexsis with SWIPCO to attend and make to changes needed.

Linda Heywood reported to the council that the toilet at the Library was leaking again. The council discussed that this had been fixed several times and agreed it was time to replace the toilet.

Abatements were discussed by the council and was decided that they should take the next step to get these taken care of since the notices that have been sent were not completed.

Resolution 203-17 (Annual Street Financial Report) was looked over, Hardy asked what the loans were. Dankof explained that was for the tractor loan.

Berger motioned to accept the resolution 203-17, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried

The council approved the first building permit on a structure and denied the second permit for a partial fence.

Dankof brought information received from SWIPCO regarding an annual fee of $50. to join “grantfinder” which should benefit the city with finding grants.

Berger motioned to join the grantfinder for a year and try it, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried

Randy Trively asked the council about closing the alley by his property. The council saw no problem with that and will look into the next step.

Public Safety: Nothing to report.

Park Commission: Nothing to report.

Finance Board: Nothing to report.

Landfill: Many things in the works with the landfill and more information will be available at a later time.

Streets and Alleys: Colbert’s need cleaned out and will be working on getting time to get this done.

Sewer and water: Nothing to report.

Library: Nothing to report.

Fire and Rescue: Nothing to report.

After proper motion by Berger and seconded by Hardy, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

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