MARCH 7, 2017


At 6:45 PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the Public Hearing.

VISTORS: Vicki Danley-City attorney Councilmen present: Hardy, Marshall, Moreland

David Earlywine, Colten and Trent Moore, Linda Heywood Absent: Berger

This hearing was to discuss and adopt resolution 202-17 recognizing flood hazards in the City of Randolph, declaring the City’s intention to enact land use and control measures, enforcement provisions and designation a public official to implement requirements so the City will qualify for acceptance into the National Flood Insurance Program, and participate therein.

Adoption of Resolution 202.17 recognizing flood hazards in the City of Randolph, declaring the City’s intention to enact land use and control measures, enforcement provisions and designation a public official to implement requirements so the City will qualify for acceptance into the National Flood Insurance Program, and participate therein.

moved by Al Marshall, seconded by Dustin Moreland. Roll call: Hardy aye, Moreland aye, Marshall aye, Motion carried.

Also, discussion, consideration and passage of Ordinance 512-17. Floodplain Management Ordinance: An Ordinance to Regulate Land Use and Construction within a Special Flood Hazard Area, Providing for a Permit System Requiring a permit for development within the Special Flood Hazard Area, providing for Construction Standards, Appointing A Local Official to Assist in Enforcement and Requiring DNR approval prior to the Granting of Construction Permit, all to Permit the City to Qualify for the National Flood Insurance Program, and Providing for Penalties for the Violation of such Ordinance.

Motion to suspend requirement of three readings and pass tonight? ---3/4 majority required. Motion by Al Marshall, Second by Brian Hardy. Motion carried.

Suspended and passed, or proceed with first consideration: Marshall made a motion to pass the ordinance, Moreland seconded. Motion carried.

Moreland motioned to adjourn, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 PM

At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Council members present: Moreland, Hardy, Marshall

Council Member absent: Berger

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Vicki Danley-City Attorney, Linda Heywood, Jenny Hill, David Earlywine, Colten & Trent Moore, Rhett Goy

First call of business is to replace a vacant council seat. After a brief discussion. Hardy made a motion to appoint Dave Earlywine to fill the open seat, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried. Mayor Farwell then swore in Earlywine with the Oath of office.

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Hardy asked to add to the agenda a discussion of abatements.

Earlywine motioned to accept the agenda with the addition, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept the bills as presented, Earlywine seconded. Motion Carried.


City of Randolph

For the Period From 2/1/2017 To 2/28/2017

February 2017

310 2/16/2017 IPERs 170215 36302 $220.48

311 2/1/2017 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 61106001 $58.03

14297 2/1/2017 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $1,099.38

14298 2/8/2017 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-17-2-04 $289.83

14299 2/8/2017 NEW ERA TAX & ACCOUNTING INV 2017-1260,2017-1349,2017-1365 $206.21

14300 2/8/2017 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 1/01/17 -1/31/17 $42.00

14301 2/8/2017 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS inv099268 fire van/099365 truck 841 $13.11

14303 2/8/2017 RANDOLPH RESCUE inv. 770166 allied 100 supplies $500.00

14304 2/8/2017 RANDOLPH STATE BANK Tractor Payment $5,100.00


14306 2/8/2017 RANDOLPH FIRE DEPARTMENT Fuel pump & sender for truck 841 $93.93

14307 2/8/2017 MENARDS inv 94412 cityhall baseboards $36.79

14308 2/8/2017 John Gowing Plumbing and Hearting inv. 23225/23275 library building pipes $468.05

14309 2/8/2017 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY 21781-02003 $710.86

14310 2/8/2017 KRIEGLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT inv $140.01


14311 2/8/2017 FREDCO Annual Membership $200.00

14312 2/8/2017 ACCO INC. Liquid Chlorine/Water- INV 0170126-IN $131.25

14313 2/8/2017 IOWA ONE CALL inv 188223 $9.90

14314 2/8/2017 HEARTLAND CO-OP Account 92084 $2,494.71

14315 2/9/2017 RANDOLPH LIBRARY quarterly payment $2,750.00

14316 2/9/2017 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF January 2017 $243.00

14317 2/14/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.2470-20170214-1 $30.99

14318 2/14/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20170-214-1 $64.99

14319 2/22/2017 TERESA ELLIOTT Clean city hall $15.00

14320 2/23/2017 TERESA ELLIOTT Clean fire station $15.00

14321 2/27/2017 IOWA PUMP WORKS INC INV.10492 $1,108.00

Totals for February 2017: 26 Non-Void Checks $16,516.52


City of Randolph

RANDOLPH GENERAL ACCOUNT, Checking, Acct #: 316505

2/1/2017 Riverside TWNship inv. 54043 $321.45

2/1/2017 state of Iowa local option tax $1,344.36

2/1/2017 water payment $24.61

2/1/2017 water payment $67.11

2/2/2017 water payments $386.09

2/7/2017 water payments $1,476.03

2/8/2017 water payments $140.80

2/9/2017 water payments $281.05

2/10/2017 Fremont Co Treas/prop tax $742.76

2/15/2017 water payments $1,818.23

2/16/2017 water payments $147.38

2/21/2017 Fr.Co. 2nd road/city apportion/st construction $417.17

2/21/2017 library inv. 54417 $296.65

2/21/2017 refund dump truck sold $124.00

2/21/2017 water payment $72.46

2/22/2017 State of Iowa/RUT $1,544.13

2/22/2017 water payments $168.82

2/23/2017 sale to Crown Co. for 2000.gal of water $20.00

2/23/2017 water payment $47.11

2/27/2017 WATER PAYMENTS $133.33

2/28/2017 Mandrall Funeral 1/2 City $25.00

2/28/2017 water payments $116.16

Totals for Account: 316505: 22 Deposits $9,714.70


Changes to the committees are as follows due to council replacement:

· Public Safety: David Earlywine

· Park Commission: Brian Hardy and Mike Berger

· Streets and Alleys: Al Marshall, Dustin Moreland and David Earlywine

· Landfill: Brian Hardy

· Finance Board: Brian Hardy

· City Library Advisory: David Earlywine and Mike Berger

· Fire Dept. Advisory: Al Marshall and Dustin Moreland

· Sewer and Water: Al Marshall, David Earlywine and Dustin Moreland

· Mayor Protem: Brian Hardy

Farwell will be taking the Quote for Christmas Wreath’s for the street light poles to the Home Town Pride Meeting Tuesday March 14th to see if there would be any interest in buying/helping with the expense.

Consideration of cost to get a New recodification book: council asked Dankof to call SWIPCO to find out how many copies we need to have, also to find out what cost would be to have it done annually.

Discussion on abatements. Several things were discussed, one is what needs to be done next to keep residents properties cleaned up as the City Ordinance is written without having to send letters out continually. The council asked the City Attorney to consider the next action to be taken.

Hardy motion to have the City Attorney consider the next action to take, Earlywine seconded. Motion Carried.

Rhett Goy with Nishna Insurance was given the floor to discuss his insurance quote for the next year. Rhett showed an insurance summary with coverages and the final cost for 4/1/2017-4/1/2018 was $9,009.40, $208.84 less that last year due to removal of the dump truck. Council thanked Rhett and said they would be getting back to him.

Hearing and adoption of the budget by resolution 201-17. Marshall, motioned to accept the Budget resolution 201-17, adopting the proposed City budget of Randolph, Iowa for the fiscal year ending June 30,2018---Hardy seconded. Roll call: Marshall aye, Hardy aye, Moreland aye, Earlywine aye. Motion Carried.

Consideration of Resolution 200-17 A resolution providing for administration of Randolph Public Library, receipt and expenditure of funds at request of Library Board. With plans to make changes on Tuesday March 14, 2017 for the City Clerk to take over writing the checks after the Library Board has approved the bills.

Hardy motioned to accept Resolution 200-17, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Opened sealed bids for mowing the town properties from April 15th to October 15th 2017

Colten Moore (Moore’s Mowing) $700.00 a month

The Lawn-Enforcers $700.00 a month

Breck Chambers $300.00 weekly

Hardy motioned to accept Moore’s Mowing, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Trent Moore asked if anyone had mentioned about the ball diamond? Hardy said that Jimmy Switzer, mayor of Tabor had approached him and stated that he was going to the boosters Optimist club because they were thinking about donating money to Randolph if they would get their ball field up and going because they are short on fields with everything going on. Farwell said that Kyle Dankof said he would bring his tractor tiller in to till the sand and dirt in whenever the town is ready. Farwell said that Kyle Dankof said he was going to donate his time to do this. Hardy said, the Optimist Club picked Randolph because they have been putting money into the park making it more inviting for everyone. Farwell was asked to call Jimmy Switzer in Tabor to see what is needed to move along.

Hardy then asked about the banners that Amanda ordered last year for each pole on main street. We have brackets and poles that do not fit together correctly they seem to be missing something, and want to know where the banners are at. Farwell said he would get with Amanda and also talk to Rycroft about the matter.

Discussion on having Citywide Cleanup again this year, April 8 thru April 15 this will be available for City residence only.

The City will not take tires, residents should take them to Moore’s Farm Supply in Tabor. All paint cans MUST be filled with sand for the landfill to take them. Farwell asked if council wanted to have the Citywide cleanup April 8 thru April 15 council agreed, Farwell asked for a motion.

Hardy made a motion to have the Citywide Cleanup in April, Earlywine seconded. Motioned Carried.

Discussion on the library sewer problems, Gowing Plumbing and Heating, Inc. has in writing that the pipe coming outside the wall in back is in need of assistance. It has slipped down causing paper to get stuck and clog the line. Council asked Farwell to get ahold of Todd Williams to bid fixing and tapping into City sewer line.

Farwell told the Council about the front of the Library building bricks are coming out, also the top on North side is need or repair and in other areas around the building. Farwell said he was told by Winskey to tuck point it would cost around $2500. To $3000. and would be around the same to have stucco done. Hardy would like to see the City apply for some grant money to help with the expense.

Checking into the process and cost of ACH payment processing for the water bills. The software Company (SafeChoice) sent the information for the setup which is $495. one time setup fee or Tri Valley could set up something with the cost of around $20. a month, which is $240. per year. There will be a letter put in the next water bill to see how many would be interested in doing this before a decision is made.

Public Safety: Nothing to report.

Park Commission: Nothing to report.

Landfill: They did not have a meeting therefore nothing to report.

Streets and Alleys: Discussion on repairs needed, Hardy suggest to go to Menards and get pothole patch to at least fill the holes for now and work on getting more done. Farwell will pick up 10 to 15 bags when in Council Bluffs.

Sewer and water: Nothing to report.

Library: Nothing to report.

Fire and Rescue: Waiting on a bid to paint the roof.

After proper motion by Hardy and seconded by Moreland, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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