FEBRUARY 7, 2017


At 6:00 PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the Meeting to review the Budget.

VISTORS: Vicki Danley Councilmen present: Berger, Hardy, Marshall, Moreland

After review of the Budget

Hardy motioned to accept the Budget, Berger seconded. Motion Carried

Meeting was Adjourn at 6:28 PM

At 6:30 PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the Public Hearing for the Budget

VISTORS: Vicki Danley, Linda Heywood, Cindy Heywood, Dave Heywood

Councilmen present: Berger, Hardy, Marshall, Moreland, Perkins

After review of the Budget there were no questions

Moreland motioned to accept the Budget, Berger seconded. Motion Carried

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 PM

At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, Berger and Perkins were in attendance.

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Vicki Danley, Linda Heywood, Cindy Heywood, Dave Heywood, Sherry Perkins, Sandra Gregory, Barb Wolfe, Teresa Hardy, Dan Christo, Bobbi Jo Christo, Jenny Hill, Mike Lescher, Misty Gray, Vance Trively

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Hardy motioned to accept the agenda, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept last month’s minutes with corrections to be made, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

Berger motioned to accept the bills as presented, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried.

Marshall motioned to accept the Budget as presented, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.


For the Period From 1/1/2017 To 1/31/2017


January 2017

304 1/4/2017 Iowa Department of Revenue Acct # 6110698 4th quart $355.00

306 1/18/2017 IPERs 170117 36302 $137.78

307 1/31/2017 INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 4Q2016 941 PAYMENT $880.15

308 1/31/2017 RANDOLPH STATE BANK Safe Deposit Box $12.00

14277 1/3/2017 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $715.08

14278 1/4/2017 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $36.01

14279 1/10/2017 Madison Construction Library final payment on roof $7,571.00

14280 1/10/2017 RANDOLPH FIRE DEPARTMENT Fuel tankpart-fire truck $89.20

14281 1/10/2017 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 12/01/16 -12/30/16 $42.00

14282 1/10/2017 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF December 2016 $243.00

14283 1/10/2017 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-17-01-04 $289.83

14284 1/10/2017 KEIM FARM EQUIPMENT, INC switch on tractor $370.41

14285 1/10/2017 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS inv098893 $5.99

14286 1/10/2017 SafeChoice, Inc. Annual License Agreement & Telephone $1,299.95


14287 1/10/2017 HEARTLAND CO-OP Ticket19189 ;Fire station 459.7 gal $482.69

14288 1/12/2017 TIM STANTON GUTTERS on liabrary/maint building $400.00

14289 1/12/2017 TIM STANTON GUTTERS on liabrary/maint building final $430.00


14290 1/18/2017 SWICAA 1 year membership for clerk $20.00

14291 1/18/2017 Teresa Hardy 11 hrs while clerk recovered $110.00

14292 1/19/2017 RASMUSSEN, TRAVIS & AMY Return CM# 53624,54012,54035 $112.92

14293 1/25/2017 Faye M French $25.00

14294 1/25/2017 People Service Inc. inv. 0027887 $1,038.27

14295 1/25/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20170117-1 $64.99

14296 1/25/2017 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.2470-20170117-1 $30.99

Totals for January 2017: 24 Non-Void Checks $14,762.26


Debit Card Account, Debit Card, Acct #: 603246

January 2017

10011 1/11/2017 WAL MART OFFICE SUPPLIES $47.96

10012 1/29/2017 WAL MART OFFICE CLEANING SUPPLIES/ice melt $65.18


Totals for Bank Account 603246: 2 Non-Void Checks $113.14


Totals for Entire Report: 27 Non-Void Checks $14,875.40



Moreland mentioned to the council that he declined the mayor protem therefore changes made as follows.

Farwell made changes to the committee’s they are as follows:

· Public Safety: Claude Perkins

· Park Commission: Brian Hardy and Mike Berger

· Streets and Alleys: Al Marshall, Dustin Moreland and Claude Perkins

· Landfill: Brian Hardy

· Finance Board: Brian Hardy

· City Library Advisory: Claude Perkins and Mike Berger

· Fire Dept. Advisory: Al Marshall and Dustin Moreland

· Sewer and Water: Al Marshall, Claude Perkins and Dustin Moreland

· Mayor Protem: Brian Hardy

The Quote for Christmas Wreath’s will be discussed at next meeting.

Sheriff’s 28E contract was sent to the council a second with a letter stating that the auditor’s office had misplaced the original contract and asked if council would approve and sign a new one. The contract was signed. As soon as it is recorded a signed copy will be sent to us from the sheriff office.

Marshall motioned to accept, Resolution 199-17 Designating Tri- Valley Bank as the depository, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

Vicki Danley brought Resolution 200-17 for the City to accept management of the library funds. Vicki had questions regarding the past resolution and what the council wanted. Hardy said he thought the council should wait on this Resolution until questions are resolved by the members of the library. Vicki Danley agreed and felt that there were things to clear up before adopting this Resolution.

Farwell then opened the meeting to Misty Gray (Consultant Library of Iowa) to address the conflict between the city code book, state ombudsman, and the state library of Iowa law. Misty stated that what is on file with the state is an ordinance stating that there are 3 city board members for the library and there is another city ordinance stating that there is a 5-member library board. The ordinance stating the 5-member board was started but was not taken to the vote of the people which must be done to make it a legal document. After this is brought to the November ballot for vote and if it is passed by the vote of the people this ordinance can be written to have the 5-member board for the library and will be put on state file. Misty said, that library ordinances are special and different from an ordinance the council work on or revise. The Library ordinances have special requirements by state law 392.5 says there are certain steps that need to be followed when changing the governance of the library board. Misty did contact the county auditor office and asked if there had been a vote on a ballot changing the number of trustee’s and they did confirm this was not on file. Therefore, the ordinance of 3 board trustees is still in place.

Barb Wolf explained they had worked with the ombudsman to make the changes and the board trustees thought they were in compliance.

Vance Trivley then explained the year long process that the council had worked closely with the ombudsman to do the ordinance #509-06 in November of 2006 so the library board of trustees would be changed to 5.

Sherry Perkins said, due to circumstances she is resigning effective February 7th from the library board.

Farwell then made his choice for library trustees of: Barb Wolf, Cindy Heywood, Bobbi Jo Christo.

Claude Perkins turned his resignation in tonight.

Farwell then opened the floor to Mike Lescher with Peoples Service. Mike has 2 quotes for the waste water ________pump for the hoist at the lift station. Quotes from Iowa Pump Works 1) Thern power coated $1,152.00,

2) Stainless steel Thern hoist replacement $2,345.00. Mike explained the power coated on would be fine. It is a safety concern. Lora called me with a message from Jarod with Liquid Engineering Corp. and talked to Al Marshall to see when the last time the water tower and clear well had been inspected. It’s supposed to be inspected 3 to 5 years. Al said, I’m sure it’s been every bit of that. Mike explained that when the water tower was drained to do painting that was the perfect time to have the inspection done while it was drained but now they will bring divers in to do the inspection with a dvd video to tell you what the tower looks like inside. This quote is diving technicians and associated in-tank equipment are fully disinfected before diving in the tower so there won’t have to be any testing. This will let the city know if there is any work that needs to be done on the tower or clear well. The quote is $ 2,940.00 and will be scheduled with other work in the area for this price.

Marshall motioned to accept the quote from Liquid Engineering for the water tower and clear well of $2,940.00, Berger seconded. Motion carried.

Discharging at the lagoons, Mike dropped off 2 wheel valves for cell #3 at Welding shop in Malvern due to both of the end of rods where they are factory cut and bent snapped off. These are used to open and close valves for discharging.

Moreland motioned to accept the quote from Iowa Pump Works to replace the crank and hoist for $1,152.00, Berger seconded. Motion carried.

Farwell asked if the council to approve City Clerk pay at $16.35 an hour, then asked if the council would be interested in giving Machine Operator a raise from $13.00 an hour to $14.00, this has been at $13 for over 3 years. Council had no disagreements with that.

Hardy motioned to accept the City employees wage with the $1.00 raise for Machine Operator, Moreland seconded, Marshall abstain. Motion Carried.

Teresa Hardy asked if there had been any money put into the budget to assist with the activities for Fun Days and was told by the council that money had been put in the budget for it. Teresa talked about Fun Days being scheduled on August 26-27, 2017 and the events that are being scheduled. The next meeting for Fun Days will be February 21, 2017 6pm at the Fire Station.

Public Safety: Nothing to report.

Park Commission: Nothing to report.

Landfill: They did not have a meeting therefore nothing to report.

Streets and Alleys: Nothing to report.

Sewer and water: Mike Lescher answered in his report.

Library: Nothing to report.

Fire and Rescue: Nothing to report.

After proper motion by Hardy and seconded by Moreland, the meeting was adjourned at 8:28 pm.

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