January 3, 2017


At 7:00PM, Mayor Farwell called to order the monthly City Council meeting.

Councilmen Moreland, Marshall, Hardy, Berger and Perkins were in attendance.

INTRO OF VISITORS/BUSINESS – Kyle Dankof, Sherry Perkins, Sandra Gregory, Cindy Heywood, Linda Heywood, Barb Wolfe

The Council then proceeded with regular business.

Hardy motioned to accept the agenda, Marshall seconded. Motion Carried.

Perkins motioned to accept last month’s minutes, Hardy seconded. Motion Carried.

Marshall motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Berger seconded. Motion Carried.

Hardy motioned to accept the bills as presented, Moreland seconded. Motion Carried.

For the Period From 12/1/2016 To 12/31/2016


December 2016

301 12/16/2016 IPERs 16121536302 $44.64

14244 12/1/2016 FARWELL, GARY Payroll Check $369.40

14245 12/6/2016 U S POSTOFFICE $188.00

14246 12/6/2016 FRANK LEAHY TRTUCKING 17.58 T/rock #152873 $281.28

14247 12/6/2016 People Service Inc. inv. 0027716 $927.13

14248 12/6/2016 VICKI R. DANLEY sale of Lot 4 Block 19 $570.00

14249 12/6/2016 MENARDS inv 88647 park fence $682.14

14250 12/6/2016 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY 21781-02003 $666.12

14251 12/6/2016 Pro Hydro-Testing inv#102532 $584.00

14252 12/6/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20161116-1 $64.99

14253 12/6/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.2470-20161116-1 $30.99

14254 12/6/2016 TODD E. WILLIAMS #587148 driveway tube(Weisnbrook) $100.00

14255 12/1/2016 Berger, Michael R. Payroll Check $110.82

14258 12/1/2016 Hardy, Brian H Payroll Check $240.11

14259 12/1/2016 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $147.76

14260 12/1/2016 Moreland, Dustin Payroll Check $110.82

14261 12/1/2016 PERKINS, CLAUDE Payroll Check $147.76

14262 12/1/2016 Dankof, Lora J Payroll Check $249.15

14263 12/1/2016 MARSHALL, ALAN D Payroll Check $166.48

14264 12/7/2016 AL MARSHALL reimburse snow plow electric plug $15.69

14265 12/7/2016 DELAVAN AUTO PARTS inv098502/098781 $39.17

14266 12/7/2016 FREMONT COUNTY LANDFILL COMMISSION inv pcb-16-12-3 $289.83

14267 12/7/2016 SHENANDOAH SANITATION 10/31/16 -11/30/16 $42.00

14268 12/7/2016 FREMONT COUNTY SHERIFF December2016 $243.00

14270 12/14/2016 TERESA ELLIOTT Clean fire station $40.00

14271 12/14/2016 VICKI R. DANLEY Prep deed/conf call/agenda/prep $255.47


14272 12/21/2016 People Service Inc. inv. 0027887 $962.85

14273 12/21/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS inv.2470-20161217-1 $30.99

14274 12/21/2016 SPIRAL COMMUNICATIONS INV. 4929-20161217-1 $64.99

14275 12/27/2016 Madison Construction Roof maint bldg$5851./libr 1st pay$2149. $8,000.00

14276 12/29/2016 MIDAMERICAN ENERGY 21781-02003 $664.72

Totals for December 2016: 31 Checks $16,330.30


Debit Card Account, #: 603246

December 2016

10007 12/12/2016 Sam's club paper towels/T.P. firestation/city hall $75.37

10008 12/20/2016 EBAY genuine factory onan CCKB engine $21.94

generator air filter

10009 12/30/2016 WAL MART OFFICE SUPPLIES $56.83

10010 12/30/2016 BOMGAARS Mouse and rat bait $27.81

Totals for December 2016: 4 Checks $181.95

Totals for Entire Report: 35 Checks $16,512.25

Hardy asked why Spiral was paid to times. Dankof explained that one was for the November and the other for December which was due in January and I paid it early.

Council then reviewed the Resolution 198.17 to participate in the NFIP program.

Hardy motioned to accept the Resolution as presented, Perkins seconded. Motion Carried.

Farwell then gave the floor to Sherry Perkins. Sherry addressed her concerns of rumors around town in relationship to the Amazon account used by the Library. Sherry explained that to open the account for the library Amazon required a credit card to back the account even though they are sent a statement at the end of the month to pay. Since her credit card is on account she did make a few personal purchases that she paid for and presented the canceled checks. The council did not know that Sherry had to have her personal credit card on the account but then explained that even no wrong doing was done that the account should be closed and a library debit card needs to be opened to do this business with because you cannot have any personal credit cards or personal business going through the library account and this is coming from the state library board and auditor. Sherry and the board members that were present agreed and will be discussing the changes at the next library board meeting. Barb Wolfe said the board did not disagree with the City handling the checkbook for the library but needed more information on how it should be transitioned. Farwell said that Barb Barrick was coming down and that she will be asked about the procedure. The library board is having a meeting on January 10, 2017 and asked Farwell, Hardy and Dankof to attend.

Late water bills were discussed and it was decided that the council is giving the current water bill till until Thursday January 12th to pay in full or the water will be shut off. For all the future bills after the 25th of the month the customer will be given a final notice of 48 hours to pay the bill in full or the water will be shut off. The customer will then have to pay in full along with the charges to turn the water back on.

Discussion regarding abatements the council decided to wait until spring to start working on these again.

Farwell brought up the Dankof’s probation was probably up and that it should be considered to raise the pay up to the same amount as the previous clerk with the responsibilities including now having the library account to be responsible for also. Farwell said, that Marshall had told him after talking to other council that Dankof was doing a good job.

Farwell made changes to the committee’s they are as follows:

· Public Safety: Claude Perkins

· Park Commission: Brian Hardy and Mike Berger

· Streets and Alleys: Al Marshall, Dustin Moreland and Claude Perkins

· Landfill: Brian Hardy

· Finance Board: Brian Hardy

· City Library Advisory: Claude Perkins and Mike Berger

· Fire Dept. Advisory: Al Marshall and Dustin Moreland

· Sewer and Water: Al Marshall, Claude Perkins and Dustin Moreland

· Mayor Protem: Dustin Moreland

Public Safety had nothing to report.

Farwell asked if there was anything from the Park commission and stated that the fence that was put in at the park looked very nice and everyone agreed. Farwell stated that he hoped to see some put up on the other side al well and it was discussed that it would probably be done in the future.

Streets and Alleys: Farwell asked Marshall for an update on the street lights. Marshall said several burned out and were replaced but there has not been any burn outs lately. Farwell said they are much brighter and Hardy said, they are replaced with the LED lights now. Marshall said, the light company replaces them with no charge to the city if they burn out, but if we call to have them all replaced it cost the city $100 each. Moreland asked if anything was heard on the manhole covers. Gary said, yes he did get in contact with them and they are gone at this time and suppose to return in the next few days.

Sewer and water: Marshall said everything was going fine.

Library: Farwell reported what he was told by Madison Construction. The wall on the South side of the library is very bowed and needs to be tuck pointed there are even bricks laying on the ground in places and the North wall has a bow in it and they matched it they best they could and it is going to be ok. The south wall water going down between the walls but there is not water going into the shop but Farwell was told there are two layers of brick on that side and it could be going down between the two layers. Farwell has asked Randy Foster to go in the library and plug to holes where the air is flowing in both door ways to help save and the gas bill. They are also going to put the latch to the basement door up higher and cover it with plastic so there is no air coming up from the basement. Farwell brought up the idea of putting in a programmable thermostat to assist with automatically setting the temperature for night and daytime hours and weekends. Farwell said that he would call Wallin from Shenandoah or Shull’s and talk to them about it and look into getting a good one.

Fire and Rescue: Upgraded by purchasing new air filling cascade system tanks.

Farwell asked if there was anything else, Hardy brought up Christmas lights and feels it’s time to update them, Marshall agreeing. Hard said we need to look into cost and see about buying wreaths

After proper motion by Hardy and seconded by Moreland, the meeting was adjourned at 8:13 pm.

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